Some Thoughts on Language

I care very much about how language is used in therapy and psychology.

As a trained psychotherapist, I can speak the language of diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment.

And yet so often words can frighten and alienate inflicting a distorted sense that when something is wrong, we are wrong.

I’ve taken a lot of care in this website to use language that is accessible and understood by all sorts of folks. I see our struggles as a consequence of real human experiences that we just don’t yet know how to make sense of. This is very important to me both as a person and as therapist.

What follows is for those who sometimes prefer a more clinical way of speaking about what troubles us.

I want to make it clear that while I can speak this language, it is not my primary way of being with you.


Trauma and Depression Therapy East Bay

"To 're-member' is to join together that which was fragmented, absent, forgotten or lost."
- Jane Reynolds