When we’ve been very hurt by the actions of others there is little ground to stand on – no matter how long ago it happened.

  • You might be feeling a lot of anxiety or panic, and may also be depressed.
  • Relationships that you really care about might feel like they are unraveling.
  • You might struggle with body image, or the ways food can be a problem, or you might have urges to hurt yourself.
  • You might feel confused about how you keep choosing inadequate/unresponsive/cruel partners.
  • It may be that you get out of control with shopping, drugs, alcohol, or notice an increase in anger or fears.
  • It might feel harder to get up each day, or the reverse – you can’t really stop moving and you also can’t keep up in this revved up way.

With a solid presence and warmth, I encourage both of us to discover what it is you need to reduce your suffering while also finding new ways to make the hard places more bearable.

Therapy can help heal those wounds, transforming injury into aliveness; it is absolutely possible.

Trauma Sexual Abuse Therapy

"Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of overcoming"- Helen Keller