About Janelle M. Salah, LMFT

For the past 24 years as a therapist, I have worked with folks trying hard to build a life in spite of childhood abuse and neglect, or who just don’t understand why life isn’t working out the way they hoped.

I am very interested in the ways our cultural and ethnic backgrounds have shaped how we come to know ourselves, and have always included issues of identity in terms of race, culture, language, LGBTQ, age, and economic class in my work.

My style is engaged and engaging. I work hard to meet you where you are – whether you seek quiet space or lively interaction – as you begin to answer the questions that your life asks of you.

I am deeply committed to helping you create the life you truly want for yourself, and invite you to reach for more than you have ever known.



"We are humbled to discover that the act of living unravels both the answer and the question" - Mark Nepo